Overhead Door

  • Door panels: No damage, separation, or sagging;
  • Pivot arm connection at same level as top rollers;
  • Stable operation up and down.
  • Signs of weathering/age (cracks, peeled paint)


  • All portions stable
  • Good condition



  • Bearing type, not plastic (2yr. lifespan for plastic).



  • Extension springs have containment cable;
  • Door stays in place when manually disconnected and partially opened;
  • Securely attached to wall.


Automatic Opener

  • Automatic opener operable;
  • Manual disconnect operable;
  • Stable when operating
  • Less than 12 years old (typical lifespan)


Automatic  Reverse

  • Passes 2x4 test (operates satisfactorily);
  • Photo sensor functional;
  • Photo sensor within 6 inches of floor.
  • Computer controlled or manual adjust


  • Located at least 5 feet above walking surface (including stair treads);
  • Located away from moving parts.


Conventional Door to the Exterior

  • Operation;
  • Hardware condition;
  • Door condition.


Conventional Door to the Living Space

  • Operation;
  • Hardware condition;
  • Door condition;
  • Handrail if 4 risers or more;


Fire Separation (R309.2)


  • Minimum ½ inch drywall on garage side;
  • Drywall must have joints taped;
  • Extends from floor to roof, or floor to fire separation compliant ceiling;
  • Penetrations of metal only;
  • Attic accesshatch must comply with wall requirements.
  • 20-minute fire-rated (attached garage only):
    • Solid wood 1⅜inch (35 mm) minimum;
    • Steel door1⅜inch (35 mm) minimum;
  • No pet doors;
  • Doors with glass: glass must be fire rated.



  • Ceiling with living space above: ⅝-inch type X drywall;



  • Non-combustible