7,500 narratives you'll never have to write...

we've done it for you!

The InterNACHI Narrative Library is a digital collection of reference material and editable home inspection narratives.
It serves three purposes:

It’s A Narrative Library.

Developing a substantial library of narratives takes years! At a cost of less than half of one inspection fee you can have access to the largest, most professional narrative library in existence.

It’s A Reference Library

There's a lot to remember when evaluating the condition of the many systems and components installed in homes. This Library provides 40,000+ words of reference material focused on inspection.


It's Instructive

The broad scope of the library narratives and reference material can improve your inspection skills by prompting you to identify conditions that you had previously missed or misunderstood.

The reference section includes:

  • Educational articles;
  • Inspection checklists;
  • Links to PDF installation and inspection manuals;
  • Links to technical bulletins from manufacturers and associations;


  • Links to sources for inspector education;
  • Date codes for furnaces and water heaters;
  • Also available as an English/Spanish template (HIP only);
  • Links to over 600 inspection-related articles.

Note: Reference content varies with format.

Written by InterNACHI Director, course developer, CMI and author Kenton Shepard, these 7,500 narratives are based on:

  • Direct inspection experience;
  • ICC building codes;
  • The
 National Fire Protection Standards;
  • Home Inspection Standards of Practice;
  • Existing narrative libraries;
  • Technical data sheets;
  • Manufacturers’ specifications; and
  • Building product installation manuals



                                               Read unsolicited message board opinions about the Narrative Library

“These narratives give you a choice in how to say it, while working to protect you. This is the best narrative library available anywhere. Many thanks to Kenton for his years of work.”
-Nick Gromicko, Founder of InterNACHI 

“I just finished my first report using the new narratives. I shaved about 2 hours off my report writing time. With the basic HG I had to develop a lot of my own narratives as I went. Now I just pick and click for the most part. If you are new to the business, like me, this is a bargain for all the time you will save developing your own narratives. Thanks Kenton.”

    -Frank Rotte, Certified Inspection Services, San Diego CA

”Kenton: I avoided buying your collection of report narratives simply because I didn’t like the price.  That was a big mistake.  I finally gave in and spent the money and wanted to let you know I think this collection of report narratives is a masterwork that is well worth every penny.  Not only is this an invaluable tool for report writing, it is also a complete lesson in how to perform a thorough home inspection.  As a home inspector, I want to avoid reinventing the wheel and get right down to business, doing exceptional inspections and writing exceptional reports.  This tool will help me do exactly that.
Thanks for the grand effort!”
-Mike Murphy
, Mike Murphy Inspections

“I just received it last week and for one starting out, I would highly recommend it. Save you a lot of time coming up with your own narratives. As usual, Kenton did a great job.”
-Marcel Cyr, Cyr Home and Commercial Property Inspections 

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